Video Clips:


The Dance Center at CSULB: The House that Joan Built

Documentary by Gregory R.R. Crosby


Jeff Slayton was on the faculty of the CSULB Dance Department when the Dance Center was in the planning stages and when it opened in 1994. He is featured in this video.



To Be Continued? (1986)


This solo, choreographed and performed by Jeff Slayton, came after his partner and many of his friends and colleagues died as a result of the HIV virus. At the time Mr. Slayton was wondering if he would be next. Music is an excerpt from Philip Glass’s album Glassworks.



Edge (1994)


Choreographed and performed by Jeff Slayton, Edge premiered at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC. Jeff was on faculty there for 8 years. Music by Alan Terricciano.



Anaïtis (2001)


Anaïtis gets its name from a Greek Goddess of Water of the same name. Mr. Slayton choreographed this dance while he was a guest artist in the Dance Department at Mills College. Music by Eric Ruskin.



Bent Blues (2002)


Bent Blues is a movement piece choreographed for the North Carolina College of the Arts. The title was inspired by the music for this work by Alan Terriccciano.



Crossings (2006)


After the death of his mother in 2005, Mr. Slayton was commissioned to create a solo for Sarah Swenson, the Artistic Director of Vox Dance Theatre. Crossings was inspired by the way each generation helps their parents make that final transition, only to have their children help them do the same. Composer: Arvo Pärt